Dedicated Servers

What is a Dedicated Server?

There are a lot of reasons why do you need to use a server- for instance, corporate file repository, independent, windows server, your own hosting or private telephony.
Unicom offers to rent a dedicated server from the worlds best brands: Dell, HP and IBM.

Our servers are located in a very modern datacenter CloudHosting in Riga. There are several power substations, the super powerful cooling system and multiple-line accesses to the Internet (work through all of Latvian Internet service providers).

Please, consider the fact that Latvia takes the 5th place in the world for speed of Internet connection.

We set the operation system by your request (By default, we install the CentOS)
The main advantage to rent a server before buying your own is the fact that we provide quick replacement of everything that can go wrong in the shortest time and at our expense, even if it is the whole server equipment.

The Price is formed on the following basis:
• Because of its power the server is getting very hot  and in order to remove the heat it is necessary to install a lot of air conditioning equipment! + Server equipment itself is much more expensive than home computers.
• 24/7 technical support services – we have to pay qualified workers for overtime and for night shifts.
• For the stable operations we have to buy more dedicated Internet channels from special providers and to include uninterruptible power system – redundant power and UPS



• For every server you are given one IP address, for the additional one you should pay 2.42Eur
• We provide IPv6 under the separate agreement (we have a strict policy of their provision due  to the fight against the spam clients)

Why Choose dedics from UNICOM?!

Instant Server Setup

Instant Setup

After Paypal Payment will be Instant Virtual Machine Installation and in few minutes email
High Server Performance

High Performance

Super fast I/O, Optional protection for up to 50Gbps DDoS