Internet Marketing Solutions

  • SEO
  • Social
  • Email
  • google
  • Adwords search and display companies, remarketing/retargeting lists
  • facebook and google business pages administration
  • Email lists and smart Touchpoints
  • Full website analytics and SEO optimization



Unicom delivers marketing solutions which help our clients increase their acquisition rates, market share, product penetration and customer loyalty!


We will help you to achieve your goal through a complex web project developed for the industry branch of your own business.

More and more popularity recently come into projects with systems which helps optimize the activities of the company. These online tools make it easier to work and are able to facilitate the functions of physical workers or even replace

Does the website provide

a material benefit for the company? If the answer to this question is important to you, then using the web statistics, Google Analytics. It will gives you the opportunity to find out how often your site is visited by users. Also you can understand what exactly visitors are looking for in the network. This will help you make conclusion of the efficiency of your project. In the same way, we will use this knowledge to achieve your goals.

If you already have your

web project, but for some reason it does not justify your expectations, perhaps the reason is that your potential customers simply can’t find you.

Then there is the opportunity to optimize the content and structure of your website to be more visible in the Internet search engines. Our specialists have serious experience in SEO (search engine optimization) so they are ready to help you.

If you prefer creating an

individual web project, you will get the opportunity to manage your content by yourself. You can replenish the content of the website with new sections, texts, images and the ability to support content in different languages.

Our high level specialists will consult you and help you and adjust your further actions for independent work.

Please, contact us for any questions